Are you worry about outer thigh Fat? but it can be far more difficult if you’re trying to lose fat from your inner or outer thighs. The problem is more frustrating for women. The good thing is that you can perform some outer thigh exercises and tone up your thighs to some extent. It is important though that you stay consistent and maintain right form while performing certain thigh exercises.

You should also add some strength training and cardio exercises to your overall fitness routine for better effects. And of course, you need to lose fat, so it is important to pay attention to your diet and ensure that you’re on a low or medium calorie diet.

Exercises to Reduce Outer Thigh Fat:

1. Scissor Leg Planks:Related imageHow To Do:
Start in a classic plank position with each foot placed on small folded towels.
Now, side the feet apart while keeping your upper body fixed and open the legs as wide as possible.8 SIMPLE EXERCISES TO REDUCE OUTER THIGH FAT FASTSlowly squeeze the inner thighs to slide the legs back together.

Do 2 sets of 15 repetitions.

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