How to remove Grease from Cabinets, without damaging wood surface

Are you looking for the very best solutions for cleaning your greasy kitchen cabinet? Well look no further Springtime Cottage has just the right solutions you are looking for.

Kitchen cabinets can go through a lot of wear and tear. Grease, food particles and dust can build upon our cabinets and can look really ugly and in addition, this gunk can be so difficult to clean especially if it is not cleaned every so often. The best way to keep this grease build up to a very minimal level is to clean and polish at least once every two weeks.

The amount of cleaning necessary depends on how often you use your kitchen to cook, the type of foods you cook and the method of cooking you undertake each time. With that said it is easy to understand that any form of frying will cause a higher concentration of crease in the kitchen. It is important to note that grease also builds upon kitchen walls and ceilings.

So before we begin cleaning all that grease, let us look into some important and necessary facts that can save our sanity and prevent visitors and neighbors from wondering what happened to your wooden cabinets.


If it looks shabby, discolored, full of scratches or has patches where the sheen is damaged- it will not go unnoticed and can cause a distraction.How to remove Grease from Cabinets, without damaging wood surfaceFirst and most importantly- Do NOT put vinegar or olive oil on your wooden cabinet!

Also, the most important thing to know is how stuff works… what happens after one method is seemingly a good solution and then turns against you in the short or long run.

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