they are sports drinks, tea, coffee and red wine. If these foods are eaten and the drinks consumed on a regular basis, no wonder why you are not satisfied of your smile. From the other hand, if you don’t know how to properly wash your teeth, ask the help and support of a specialist doctor in dental care who will teach you the right way to wash your teeth from now on.

So, if you practice any of these bad habits on a regular basis, it is recommended that you cut them off, because they affect the beautiful look of your teeth.

There are so many Do It Yourself natural home remedies out there that will immediately whiten your teeth as well as avoid the substances that result in the staining and the discoloration of your teeth. You should definitely benefit of these great natural remedies because you will not regret, but choose the best one that we will describe in the following lines!

How to prepare and use your new homemade ‘tooth paste’?
First take a little bit of baking powder and mix it with a little amount of tooth paste that you usually use for washing your teeth. Then, take a piece of aluminum foil and fold it in two, so that it could fit the size of your teeth in its length as well as its width. Apply paste on the foil, fit the foil on your teeth and leave it like that for one hour. If you want the results to show up faster, repeat this procedure two times a day for one week.

In the end you will notice that your teeth are whiter and cleaner. Expert doctors in dental health admit that this treatment is 100% safe and doesn’t present any risks. However, having all these thoughts in mind, it is indicated that you never abuse this technique; prolonged usage may destroy the tooth enamel, after all.

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