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We eat clean.

Both of us eat every 2-3 hours (6-8 meals a day).  Our meals consist of protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and vegetables.

The second most common question we are asked is…


We do weight training with a mix of cardio & HIIT.  Excessive cardio is not the answer if you want a lean body…you MUST lift weights (combined with cardio/HIIT)!


We used several different clean supplements during our journey to help us reach our goals and we will be posting a series on proper supplementation in the near future to help you select the right products.

Eating clean is definitely a team effort for us and the mission at is to help other couples (and individuals) with tips and tricks to achieve this lifestyle.

Both of us work full time and spend about an hour in the gym five days a week and several hours in the kitchen each week.  We don’t watch much television but to us, it’s worth it!  She does most of the cooking and He does most of the cleaning.

Sundays are the days that we normally prepare all of our food for the week. Remember, this is a lifestyle and not a diet! Good luck with your journey!


Check out Whitney’s personal fitness blog at http://www.whitneycarlson.com/. You can also connect with her directly on Facebook!

Scott & Whitney are also passionate about helping people reach their financial goals. Check out their new site at 40isthenew65.com.

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