Don’t Let Depression Drag You Down

So the other day I was going through Tumblr and I saw another interesting post about depression. I know, I know, there are many posts about depression on Tumblr, and you also probably know.

That post gave a wonderfully written solution on how to tackle the whole depression thing. And the answer, even though it might seem quite simple, actually makes a lot of sense.Don't Let Depression Drag You DownIt’s basically, to have a goal. Depression is when you don’t feel like doing anything because you just don’t see the point. But having a goal is the exact opposite as that. Having a goal, one that means the world to you, that makes your Heart smile every time you think about it, can change everything. You’ll commit your life and soul into it and do anything to achieve it.


You probably think I sound kinda idealistic. But I’ve been there before. It sounded idealistic to me too, when I was on the other side, but it works. I used to not see the point in things, though I was not depressed, I was more confused to as why I was doing the things I was doing. But that changes when you have a goal.

For me, when I set my goals, and worked towards achieving them, it was like a fire had awaken in my chest, a fire that grew more and more until the need to achieve my goal became of paramount importance. If that truly is the goal for you, it will drive you crazy with passion to just think about it.

But how do you decide what goal is for you? You listen to your Heart. No, not your Emotions or your Mind, your all-knowing Spiritual Heart which connects you to them whole universe.

Your Heart, even though it might not be apparent to you, knows what you want. It will tell you what your goal is. It’s normally a talent, hobby or something you’re just doing in your free time. But most of the time, the thought of that being your goal would already kick start the passion within you to get started on it because you love it so much.

Having a goal gives you a purpose, a reason to stand and fight. It consumes you until not only you want but you need, to achieve it. And when you begin doubting your goal, remember that you’re doing it for you, because it makes you happy and your Heart says so. Your goal is something you love.

So listen to your Heart, discover what you want. Set a goal and stick to it. And most importantly, enjoy the journey of getting there. Remember, there is a purpose for you being here. Don’t let depression drag you down.


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